Trail Camping Tips

For an enjoyable time trail camping, here are a few tips. Organization and planning is key, but safety should come first! It’s always a good thing to know which emergency supply is in which pocket—for example, my snake bite kit is kept on the pouch on my shoulder, along with insect repellant, and a compass.

A few more trail camping tips are; don’t wait until the very last minute to start packing, start at least a week in advance and take an hour or so each night. Take all your equipment and sort it into piles; cookware with cookware, changes of clothes all together, etc. etc. and then take a good look at all your equipment: is your knife sharp?
Did you remember to wash the dishes after your last camping trip, or are they crusted with the last years baked beans?

Take an assessment of all your trail camping gear. Does anything look old or out of working order? Be sure to check this type of stuff out! There is nothing worse than being out on the trail and suddenly remembering that last year you put a patch on the tire of your trail bike and then forgot to replace it.

What about that compass that you dropped from a ten-foot ledge last year, did you check to make sure it still worked? Don’t forget to sanitize your canteens and water bladders, sharpen knives and make sure that you’ve got a whetstone, just in case. Also, make sure that you’ve got a sheath for your axe or machete.

Last, and definitely not least, remember to be safe whatever you do and wherever you go! Nothing is more precious than life itself and your organization will lend to your safety. Good luck! Be safe, and have some fun while trail camping!