Trail Camping Locations

Here in the United States we are blessed with thousands of camping trails, from Alligator Alley in southern Florida, all they way into Maine, Canada, and all across the Midwest and Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains and beyond. Having hiked quite a bit on the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. I can freely write about some of these trails.

You may want to try the Okefenokee in Southeastern Georgia, where there are a few hiking trails, and even more canoeing and kayaking trails. You can literally spend months paddling and hiking across this vast waterway, and be amazed day in and out at the beauties of the swamp.

Of course you may want to try the famous Appalachian trail, which travels through six national parks, eight national forests and touches fourteen states. It is perhaps the most popular of all American camping trails. Stretching 2,178 miles, it offers endless opportunities to gaze upon the vastness and wonder of just a tiny part of creation. Starting at Springer Mountain in Northern Georgia and ending in upstate New York, this trail offers the chance of a lifetime and bragging rights to any trail fanatic in the World!

Glacier National Park offers over 110 different trails and over 730 miles of trail camping and day hiking. Located in Montana, this is considered to be the second most scenic National Park in the world. Offering views from the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to swimming and fishing spots in glacial lakes that were formed millions of years ago.

Wherever you choose to go, be it to the tops of the Appalachian Mountains, or into the hot and barren Southwestern U.S. remember, safety should always come first, be organized, take plenty of good high protein foods, and above all, enjoy yourself. There’s no greater call than the call of the wild!