Trail Camping Food

You can carry all sorts of food with you while trail camping. Some items are, but not limited to, trail-mix (of course) jerky made of various meats, other types of smoked and cured meats—but my all-time favorite is a smoked salmon. It’s high in protein, delicious, and doesn’t need refrigeration. The only problem I’ve found with smoked salmon is the fact that sometimes it’s hard to find, depending on where you live.

Many grocery stores, especially in the south don’t carry a lot of “culturally diverse food”, or only have certain items during a particular season, due to lack of interest. But nevertheless—salmon comes in handy when the fish aren’t biting and the berries aren’t quite ripe. Other trail camping foods that I carry are rice and dried beans. They cook easily when in a pinch and can really highlight whatever game you might happen to find on the trail. Always carry a trail guide with you as it may include tips to finding and properly identifying edible plant life and fungi.

A quick word on trail-mix, you can find all sorts of trail mix, some will include chocalote candies, or marshmallows, but my all time favorite is the mixture of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, fried pecans and raisins (needless to say, it’s a home blend.) I try to leave out the chocolates and other sweets as they may melt in the hot sun, or if your bag sits to close to the campfire.

Never mind canned goods, if you have to carry them, I would suggest carrying a few small cans, of essentials as they can be heavy and cumbersome, and also mean trash that you have to hike into the trail and out of it. I try to use biodegradable bags with anything that I carry when I’m trail camping.

Whatever you choose to take with you while trail-camping, I would encourage you to try your best to get a good guidebook and depend on nature as much as possible. Some of the best foods I’ve ever eaten came out of the swamps of South Georgia, didn’t cost me a cent—and filled my body with nutrients that I didn’t even know existed! Get in touch with nature—enjoy life to the fullest!