Trail Camping

When trail camping, I’ve found that there are a few absolute must haves. Insect repellant, biodegradable toilet paper, if you really like roughing it, a tarp and rope, or for the less manly, a tent. A fishing pole and lures or bait, a flint and steel or waterproof matches, and of course the trusty compass are necessities.

The last time I camped on the trail; I didn’t have the compass, but thank God for the iPhone, which has a compass application. Of course if relying on the iPhone, or any other electronic device, you’ll need a solar powered charger which normally go for about $80 bucks-and will provide power for almost anything you can carry with you.

Now, when it comes to the “t.p.” the best I’ve found, is soft yet strong and absorbent, fully biodegradable—and only weighs 1.5 oz per roll. Most of the time it can be found at the ‘big-box’ outdoorsman stores for just a couple of dollars. When it comes to camping there is nothing quite like sleeping out under the stars on a cool night, with a warm breeze—but for those crazy nights when a big rain suddenly pops up- it’s always useful to have a small tarp that will at least cover you and your trail gear up.

Fire sources come in many forms and fashions, but the most trusty seems to be the waterproof match—and if like me, you always expect the worst, nothing works better for storing them than an empty film canister, it’s waterproof, fits anywhere, and best of all-can be found practically anywhere.

All in all, whether you trail camp in a tent sleeping on an air mattress, or if you are a follower of Davy Crockett and want to hike through the Cumberland Gap into the wild West while actually sleeping under the stars—these are just a few necessities for trail camping. Go ahead, hit the trail, have some fun!